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Seems to be sensitive issue!!!Quite interesting!!


frankly, this is what I have been waiting for. The people must voice out what they feel, not simply being goaded to follow orders like robots !


looking at this i think of how you bring your camera to so many issues and stories telling all sides.

i hope they get their bill passed.


Many of the signs are in English because most Filipinos are more conversant in English than in Filipino.


you were there!


being a doctor and as a responsible dad and citizen of this land, i highly support this bill.

Ashish Sidapara

Beautiful documentary images, hope the bill gets passed.

Michael Rawluk

The dictates of churches have done so much harm to this world. It is time for a change.


i'm rooting for that bill to be passed.. time for change.. :)


An interesting series on this important topic to the Filipino people.


Wonderful photos and reportage here ! Thanks for sharing !


I noticed that about the signs in English too. I guess they are hoping for support and pressure from the outside maybe?

Nomadic Pinoy

The Philippines is already bursting at its seams with over-population. I can't agree with the stance on the Catholic Church that contraception is immoral - it is already immoral to see so many street children with hardly any future for them in this country.


On retrouve le même problème qu'en Afrique où la parole du Pape est bénie!


i guess by now you have observed that one of the ways we filipinos deal with issues is thru rallies. it creates meager earnings for the participants :)


C'est bien de sensibiliser les gens sur ce problème. Bonne journée.

luna miranda

in opposing the passage of this bill, it shows that the Catholic Church is stuck to their dogma. this country is over-populated, and in 20-30 years, all our resources will not be able to support the fast-growing population. would the Catholic Church be willing to support the population by giving out their properties to the poor, or pay taxes? i guess not.

it's exasperating how our leaders choose the Church's approval over the common good. if this bill wouldn't pass Congress, we are definitely doomed.


Wow, I knew the Philippines was a deeply religious country, but I never linked that idea to this kind of issue.
I think they should pass that bill.


L'église fait preuve comme à son habitude d'un esprit rétrograde et oublie l'essentiel : la surpopulation endémique des Philippines.

SD (Aspherical)

Great shots - I find it interesting that they wrote the signs in English.

Photo Cache

the population growth needs to be controlled. i hope congress sees the need.

Otto K.

very interesting. I couldn't figure out what they were spelling out until I read your text.


the catholic church would rather keep people poor and superstitious and breeding uncontrollably than exercise any kind of intelligent choice in birth control and perhaps lose their influence.

fortuitous faery

a very sensitive issue in a very catholic country.


Un combat qui ne semble pas gagné d'avance.

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